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Cashew Nuts From Meghalaya- How Are They Different From Others?

First discovered in the fields of Brazil, cashew nuts are a popular fruit all over the world today. Initially cashew nuts were considered to be inedible owing to its hard protective shell. But once people discovered how tasty the fruits are, the shells were considered to be onlv a minor hindrance.
Cashew nuts first reached the Indian coast through the Portuguese. The fruit adapted so well to the new climate that sates such as Kerala are today known as the cashew capital of the world. However, what is not very well known that premium quality cashew nuts are also found in the forests of Meghalaya.

Naturally Grown Cashew Nuts
It is true that the cashews of Kerala are known for their rich taste and large size. But over the years, owing to increasing demand, the quality of cashew nuts from these popular sources is seen to be deteriorating in terms of quality. The reason for this are the chemical inputs used in their growth. While chemical inputs increase the yield with minimal efforts, the nutritional value of the products is reduced.

A good alternative for these can be the traditionally grown cashew nuts of Meghalaya. The climatic conditions of West Gar hills and its soil conditions are naturally favourable for cashew growth.So farmers here stick to traditional methods to provide you with premium quality naturally grown cashew nuts.

Sun Dried And Hand Picked
Another factor that sets the Meghalaya cashew nuts apart is its processing. Instead of using machines, the cashews here are sun dried and hand-picked carefully by the farmers and their families. So if you are looking for the best quality naturally grown cashew nuts, Meghalaya is your answer. Get premium quality cashew nut variants of Meghalaya only at GreeNe origins.

Rich Taste
Although smaller in size, the taste of Meghalaya’s cashew is exceptionally sweet, rich and buttery. The taste is no where found in the entire country. This is a potential hidden quality of cashews grown here. Therefore, we aim to let our customers discover such hidden taste and bring about transitional change in the cashew industry.


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