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Know About the Ing Makhir Ginger Powder From Meghalaya

Ginger is a common spice used all across South Eastern Asia. Closely related to other spices such as the turmeric, ginger is known for its taste as well as its medicinal property. Right from nausea and morning sickness to weight loss, stress and cough and cold, there are innumerable benefits that ginger offers. But did you know that not all gingers are equally potent in their property! The hunt for high quality ginger has led researchers to discover a special variant in the North East known as Ing Makhir.

The Ing Makhir Ginger

Close to where the Lakadong turmeric is grown- there is another rhizome known for its exceptional medicinal property and taste- the Ing makhir ginger. Compared to the ordinary variants of ginger that grow all across the subcontinent- the Ing Makhir variant has a higher proportion of gingerol content. It is also important to note here that unlike the commercially produced ginger, the farmers here stick to biotic inputs and grow them using traditional farming methods. Chemicals are also avoided totally during the processing of the Ing Makhir ginger.

How Gingerol Makes a Difference?

The medicinal property of ginger is highly dependent on the gingerol quantity of the roots. Usually, the price of ginger is also determined based on the gingerol content. No wonder, traditional healers and therapists value the Ing makhir variant of ginger highly. You can also enjoy all the benefits of high quality Ing Makhir ginger. Head to GreeNe Origins and make your purchase today!


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