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Lakadong Turmeric: Your key to good health

Turmeric- one of the most common spices in the Indian kitchen has been getting a lot of attention recently. The reason is quite simple- there is barely any other spice that can compare to the healing properties and health benefits of turmeric. What was once valued for its rich colour and flavour has thus gained the forefront as an immunity booster.

Lakadong Turmeric
You may be interested to know that not all variants of turmeric are actually the same. The Lakadong turmeric, a native species of Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya is quite distinct from the ordinary turmeric both in the terms of the colour and the chemical properties.

Rich In Curcumin
The Curcumin content of the Lakadong turmeric is nearly 12% higher than the ordinary turmeric. No wonder a pinch of the Lakadong turmeric can give your curries a richer aroma and colour than an entire teaspoon of the ordinary turmeric that you source from the market.

Health Benefits Of The Lakadong Turmeric

  • Boosts Immunity
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves Brain Health
  • Protects your Heart
  • Relieves soreness and body aches

Farm Fresh Guarantee
To ensure that you get the finest quality of Lakadong turmeric, we have partnered directly with the farmers community in Meghalaya, whom we support through our business. So, our turmeric travels directly from the fields to your doorstep.

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