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Pure Multi-flora Wild Honey | From Forests of Meghalaya


Enjoy rich taste and aroma of pure, naturally grown ginger with our ginger powder today.It has a pale yellow colour with a strong and tangy flavour. Team GreeNE sources dry ginger from the farmers in the remote villages in Meghalaya, industrially yet untouched.


In order to maintain taste, texture and flavour, big brands destroy all the beneficial properties of your honey with ultra filtration and heating. But at Greene, we connect with farmers of the Garo and Khasi Hills who collect the nectar from natural forest and bring it to you in its purest form.Our Honey is not heated, blended or processed which ensures it has the maximum nutrients and benefits.

  • Honey as an energy booster
  • Honey as an antibacterial and anti-fungal
  • Honey as natural healing for skin
  • Honey as a source of anti-oxidants
  • Honey as an anti-allergen
  • Gives relief from cough and flu
  • Honey for sore throat

Meghalaya’s honey bee are stingless and small in size and helps in produce huge amount of honey throughout the state. We have connections with the local farmers who provide us with local raw honey. The honey is not processed and therefore we serve with the pure honey. Try out our best honey from local bee farm forests.

We find multiple types of honey and our one is the wildflower multiflora honey.

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