Know GreeNE Origins' story

Our Story

Stretching over the Khasi, Jaintia and Garo Hills, Meghalaya holds a unique place among Indian states. From gurgling waterfalls to rolling grasslands, fruit laden orchards and pristine forests, Mother Nature’s blessings can be experienced in every inch of this land.
However, like most of the north-eastern states, the treasures of Meghalaya remained unexplored until quite recently. It was a passion to bring these treasures to the world that GreeNe Organics was founded. Presently run
by a compact team of dedicated organic enthusiasts, we aim to connect the farmers directly to the buyers. So while you get the best of products right at your doorstep, our farmers get the right price, free from the network of intermediaries.
Help us empower the farming community in the Northeast by opting for our products today.


We are a small team from Meghalaya directly in contact with farmers aiming to offer a wide range of products farmed from the soil of North Eastern land. We believe in-Creating a win for customers by being a trustworthy, responsible source for pure, beneficial and hard to find products from pristine Meghalaya. Creating a win for farmers by going beyond fair pay while building disciplined, beneficial, long-term working relationships. Creating a win for company and community by going beyond profit by developing strong, disciplined, independent, responsible, purposeful people.

Our Vision

To pioneer the development of tradinally grown natural products, proving the underutilised potential of the region in a way that sparks the movement