The Treasure of Meghalaya

Meghalaya has received immense love from people for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. However, its scenic beauty is not the only treasure that the state has in store. The rich biodiversity of the can also be a source of great benefit to humanity. So far, the natural treasure of the state has solely earned the interest of the scientific community alone. But with our products, we want these benefits to reach people all over the world.
Our team has travelled to some of the remotest villages in the state to learn about traditional farming methods and ancient wisdom of the communities here.
Using these experiences and knowledge, we have been able to develop a unique range of products that are incomparable in quality and properties to any other organic product in the world.

Our Product Range

GreeNE Origins brings to your platter a range of food products directly from the lap of nature. Throughout our processes, right from the procurement to packaging and delivery, we ensure that you don’t just get the best of taste but also the highest nutritional value of the products.

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